What is the difference between Melt Away, Melt Away Thermosyn, Melt Away Plus, and Melt Away De-Icer?

Primary differences are temperature operating range and product form. Details follow:

  • Melt Away is our premium ice melter compound. It operates down to -25ºF and generates heat on contact with snow, ice or water. This pelletized ice melter comes packaged in a convenient re-closable plastic pail and leaves no powdery mess after use.
  • Melt Away Thermosyn is a synergized workhorse granular ice melter. Operating down to -21ºF, it contains Color Trace crystals to allow uniform application and cost effectiveness by minimizing waste. Melt Away Thermosyn is available in both a 40 pound re-closable pail and in 50 pound bags.
  • Melt Away Plus is a concentrated liquid ice melter. It is convenient to use and can be applied through a variety of sprayer mechanisms at temperatures down to -25F. It is non-flammable and non-corrosive and eliminates residue and ‘winter burn’ caused by some granular products.
  • Melt Away De-Icer is a fast acting aerosol spray that is great for melting ice on windshields, mirrors, door locks and other critical areas. It melts ice and snow rapidly and is safe for enamel paints, glass, chrome, rubber and concrete.