What are the differences in the carpet products Lift Off, Dr. Spot and Ox-E-2?

Lift Off is an aerosol format which makes it easy to use and allows good control of how much product is applied. This in turn prevents over-wetting of the carpet which can deteriorate the carpet backing and cause “browning”. It is formulated with a blend of polar solvents and emulsifiers to specifically target oily stains.

Dr. Spot is a liquid product that is a more general purpose product to remove a wide variety of spots and staining. Given the liquid nature of the product it has capacity to “re-wet” dried stains to remove them even after they have dried.

Ox-E-2 is a spotter fortified with hydrogen peroxide which acts as a “color safe bleach” to take the color out of stain residues, particularly from food products and other proteinaceous soils.