Where would you use Fearless?

Fearless is used in either portable or truck mount carpet extraction equipment. This is equipment that shoots a fine mist of a 2 oz per gallon solution of Fearless into carpet and then vacuums it out to a recovery tank. Sometime this equipment also includes an agitator brush which scrubs just the top layer of the carpet after the product solution is sprayed, but before the vacuum step. Using warm or hot water in this application usually produces better cleaning results.

There is also another “off label” use for Fearless which is bonnet cleaning of carpet. That is where you use a low speed floor machine with a carpet bonnet (essentially a flat mop head) to scrub just the very top layer of carpet for a quick touch up that dries faster than extraction processed carpet. The bonnet is immersed into a mop bucket of solution and wrung out thoroughly and then placed on the machine before starting it. The product would be mixed with water at 2 oz. per gallon for this application as well.