What is the best way to treat spots & stains with our spot & stain remover products?

If the spot is still wet, blot up as much as possible by repeatedly pressing a clean cloth onto the stained area. If on a carpet, place the clean cloth on the spot and step on it to remove as much liquid as possible. This is important – everything you remove before spraying the product is just less you’ll need to deal with. Then spray spot and agitate with cloth or brush, working from the outer edges of the spot inward to avoiding spreading it out. Follow up by blotting as much of the broken up staining material as possible.

If the spot is dried out, rewet by spraying an appropriate spotter onto it allowing a minute or so of time to rewet. Blot, spray, agitate and final blot the area as outlined in the above example. Avoid over-wetting the spot with spotter product as this can cause issues with re-soiling later.