What are the differences between the floating lift station degreasers?

Continental has several floating lift station degreasers to accommodate customer preferences as follows:

  • Citra-Float – this product is made up of a blend of natural citrus solvents and petroleum solvents. It has a citrus smell to provide some odor management and is non freezing for year round use. Customers who are familiar with natural citrus products will gravitate to this product.
  • Grape Idea – this is a petroleum solvent product with a significant amount of grape fragrance added to it. Grape is a very “broad” fragrance in terms of what kind of smells it will cover so it is well suited to this task for wastewater. In solvent power, it is equivalent to Citra-Float (more or less) but it may evaporate in hot weather a little faster. Like Citra-Float, it is non-freezing and can be used in all weather conditions.
  • Soy Float – made with a blend of citrus and soy solvent, this all natural formula has a bit of viscosity to it which increases “cling” to walls of lift stations. It is a bit less in solvent power than Citra-Float and Grape Idea, but this is balanced out in that it has a lower evaporation rate than the other two products. This product is a great choice for use during hot summer weather.