How does Mighty Boy Stain Sucker work?

Mighty Boy Stain Sucker is formulated with surfactants which lower the surface tension of the product. It also has a whiting agent in it to allow it to dry to a powder. When applied to a porous surface like stained concrete, the lower surface tension allows it to penetrate into the pores of the concrete and loosen up the stain. This is drawn up to the surface by “wicking” action during the drying of the product remaining on the surface. When completely dry the wicking stops and the product residue is swept off or flushed away along with the stain material which was pulled out of the pores of the concrete.

What is the difference between Absorbit, Super Sorb and For Drying Out Loud?

While they are all sorbents for absorption and removal of liquid spills, they differ in that For Drying Out Loud is designed to dry up water-based spills like vomit, blood, pet messes, latex paint and potable liquids. Absorbit is also designed for aqueous (water-based) spills and comes in a smaller size container for easy handling. On the other hand, Super Sorb is designed to absorb and solidify hydrocarbon spills like diesel oil, gasoline, hydraulic fluids, brake fluid, etc.