How does Creeper Lube work?

Creeper Lube combines varying elements of the formula to provide not notch lubrication in the tightest spaces. These elements are: Lubricating grease, carrier solvent, and surfactants. When the Creeper Lube is sprayed onto a surface (like a chain) it comes out of the can thin and penetrating. This happens because it is dispersed into the carrier solvent to make it thin and has surfactants added to reduce the surface tension. As it penetrates into tiny cracks and crevices by capillary action helped along by the surfactants, the carrier solvent is evaporating, making it thicker. It is still penetrating at this point due to the presence of the surfactants in the product. After all the carrier solvent evaporates, the product sets up as a tacky grease that would not have penetrated to where it did without the carrier solvent. This durable film of grease then stays where it is placed and provides excellent lubrication.

What is the difference between Dry Sil XL7 and Sili-Slide?

The primary difference is viscosity. Some customers prefer the higher viscosity of Sili-Slide so they can readily tell where a lubricant has been applied. These are typically non-food applications. In a food application, customers tend to go with Dry Sil XL7, because it is drier after application and tends to not gather less material by contact (dirt, paper fibers, etc).

What is the difference between our greases?

Our grease program includes four greases. Here are the distinguishing features of those greases:

RED SPEC – this grease incorporates several different ingredients to build the viscosity to stay where it is applied and not fling off of moving parts or get vibrated out of crevices. This is a NGLI #3 grease and is suitable for general maintenance requirements on equipment, machinery, etc. Red Spec provides excellent lubrication and anti-wear protection in a temperature range of 0Fº to 300Fº and up to 65 Timken load. This product is the “old reliable” in our line.

GREEN SPEC – This product provides the widest temperature range of the greases in our line, operating effectively between -20Fº and 500Fº at up to 65 Timken load. It uses calcium sulfonate to build the viscosity to NLGI #2 level and is very tolerant to the impacts and pounding that occurs with heavy equipment. Green Spec is very water resistant and is fortified with corrosion inhibitors. This would be the “workhorse’ product in our line.

BLUE SPEC – This product is formulated with multiple lithium additives to resist film compression which can cause premature wear. It is an NLGI #2 product that operates effectively from 0Fº to 350Fº. Blue Spec is waterproof and pumpable at low temperatures, making it suitable for a variety of outdoor applications where resistance to oxidation, chemical breakdown and lubricant film integrity are paramount concerns. This is our premium E.P. (extreme pressure) grease.

FG SPECMeeting the requirements for lubricants with limited incidental contact (H1) in food processing facilities, FG Spec combines pure mineral oil with a calcium sulfonate thickening system to provide long lasting lubricant protection. This multi-purpose product operates effectively from -40Fº to 500Fº with a 60 Timken load capacity. It is a NLGI #2 grade product, so it remains pumpable at lower temperatures found in refrigerated areas of food plants. FG Spec won’t sling off moving equipment parts and is very water resistant, so it withstands the frequent wash-downs found in food processing applications.