What is the best way to treat spots & stains with our spot & stain remover products?

If the spot is still wet, blot up as much as possible by repeatedly pressing a clean cloth onto the stained area. If on a carpet, place the clean cloth on the spot and step on it to remove as much liquid as possible. This is important – everything you remove before spraying the product is just less you’ll need to deal with. Then spray spot and agitate with cloth or brush, working from the outer edges of the spot inward to avoiding spreading it out. Follow up by blotting as much of the broken up staining material as possible.

If the spot is dried out, rewet by spraying an appropriate spotter onto it allowing a minute or so of time to rewet. Blot, spray, agitate and final blot the area as outlined in the above example. Avoid over-wetting the spot with spotter product as this can cause issues with re-soiling later.

What is the difference between the various spotters and stain removers that are in the Continental Research line?

They are each built in a different way to target certain types of soils as follows:

  • Can Do – water based formula for both fabric and hard surfaces. Recommended for food soils, light oils, etc. Can also be diluted and used for “bonnet” shampoo with a floor machine.
  • Dr. Spot – water based all purpose spotter – good choice to start with if you don’t know what the stain is.
  • Fiber Swipe – wipes format general purpose spotter product. Low residue for minimal resoiling.
  • Lift Off – water based but with greater solvent content than most. Good for oily, greasy soils.
  • OX-E2-Power Spot & Stain – contains hydrogen peroxide to help remove and ‘de-colorize’ highly colored stains such as juices, wine, ketchup. Also with natural citrus solvent for grease breakdown during removal.

Why is it important to use neutral pH cleaners on finished (waxed) floors?

Floor finish (sometimes incorrectly called “wax”) is really a blend of polymers in a mix of chemicals that keep it in a liquid state until those chemicals evaporate out of the finish upon application/drying. It then dries to a clear coating on the floor, which is left shiny due to the microfine pits and unevenness in the floor surface being filed in by the now-solid coating. This in turn allows light to reflect more evenly which your eye perceives as shine. When you use neutral cleaners/disinfectants on a finished floor, there is not enough pH to degrade the finish while removing the soils. On the other hand, if you use a product with a higher pH (9-ish and above) in effect, you are slowly stripping the finish by causing it to get softer and more water soluble. This is what floor strippers are designed to do. While the floor finish is in the softened state it will pick up more dirt, etc. which will cause it to look yellowed and reduce the overall shine. It is important to use neutral pH cleaners to preserve the investment made when floors are finished.

What are the differences between floor finishes with differing percentage solids (18%, 22%, 25%)?

The Solids % number indicates how much of the product will be left after all of the water and other ingredients evaporate during dry down. In general, higher % solids will give you more “depth of film” on the floor per coat. This means that you can get the job done with less coats of a 25% finish than an 18% finish, thus saving labor and time. On the flip side, the higher a finish is in solids %, the less tolerant of less than perfect technique during application it is (usually).

Summary: If you have experienced people putting down the finish, a 25% (like Double-Wear) will save time and labor. If they are less experienced, an 18% (like Summit) is a little easier to use but they will need more coats. The 22% product (Peak) is in the middle of the two other product in both solids % and in the way it behaves during application.

What are the differences in the carpet products Lift Off, Dr. Spot and Ox-E-2?

Lift Off is an aerosol format which makes it easy to use and allows good control of how much product is applied. This in turn prevents over-wetting of the carpet which can deteriorate the carpet backing and cause “browning”. It is formulated with a blend of polar solvents and emulsifiers to specifically target oily stains.

Dr. Spot is a liquid product that is a more general purpose product to remove a wide variety of spots and staining. Given the liquid nature of the product it has capacity to “re-wet” dried stains to remove them even after they have dried.

Ox-E-2 is a spotter fortified with hydrogen peroxide which acts as a “color safe bleach” to take the color out of stain residues, particularly from food products and other proteinaceous soils.

What is a good product to remove concrete buildup off of a surface?

Concrete is a mix of chemicals that falls on the alkaline side of the pH scale and therefore is better removed with products on the acid side of the pH scale. These would include No-Ox and Super Ox. An alternative product for lighter duty removal of concrete would be CJ Industrial Cleaner. It has the advantage of being highly buffered and will have less potential for surface damage than products using “free acid” technology, like the No-Ox and Super- Ox.

What are three key selling points of FootHold?

As its name implies, cleaning the floor to regain good traction is the main function of FootHold.

There are a number of selling points which are features of this product including:

  • Reduced potential for slip and fall accidents
  • Contain bioactive ingredients to digest greasy soils that cause odors
  • Treats drain lines with bioactives by squeegeeing excess cleaner down the drain

These features (plus a few more!) all combine to provide cleaner, safer and odor free floors.

Where would you use Fearless?

Fearless is used in either portable or truck mount carpet extraction equipment. This is equipment that shoots a fine mist of a 2 oz per gallon solution of Fearless into carpet and then vacuums it out to a recovery tank. Sometime this equipment also includes an agitator brush which scrubs just the top layer of the carpet after the product solution is sprayed, but before the vacuum step. Using warm or hot water in this application usually produces better cleaning results.

There is also another “off label” use for Fearless which is bonnet cleaning of carpet. That is where you use a low speed floor machine with a carpet bonnet (essentially a flat mop head) to scrub just the very top layer of carpet for a quick touch up that dries faster than extraction processed carpet. The bonnet is immersed into a mop bucket of solution and wrung out thoroughly and then placed on the machine before starting it. The product would be mixed with water at 2 oz. per gallon for this application as well.