What is the best practice to avoid spills and drips when changing out GreaseMeister refills in the Continuous Dispenser?

When you go to replace the product refill, the first thing to do is to switch the Interval Switch (same as power switch) to “RESET/OFF”. This will prevent any spillage from the dispenser trying to trigger the product flow while you are working on it to replace the refill. After the switch is in the “OFF” Position, ease the bottom of the refill package out and forward (towards you) and gently pull it out of the receptor hole in the actuator. Replace with new package by holding the refill at a 45 degree angle and easing the package up and back (away from you) until it is firmly seated in place in the dispenser. Then turn the Interval Switch back over to 7.5 *PREFERRED SETTING* to continue operation automatically.

Since we are dealing with liquids, it is also a good practice to have a rag with you when changing out chemical containers so that drips,etc. can be addressed right when they happen.

What would be a great maintenance program for drains?

Given the variety of substances that can accumulate in drains, there is not a single answer. Fortunately, Continental has a full line of drain maintenance products so several types of drain programs are available. These include:

  • Live liquid bacteria like Action and Mango Mania. These are easy to use and provide odor control as well as the bacterial breakdown of wastes.
  • Granular bacteria/enzyme treatments such as T.L.C. and T.L.C. Jr. are effective for many accounts where there are food wastes.
  • Machine dispensed bacteria/enzyme (ND/365) for larger or higher waste level accounts.
  • Alkaline drain treatment like Trap or Super Trap which are great for keeping drain lines open and speeding up slow running drains.
  • Acidic drain openers such as Plunger or Single Shot to power through tough clogs and get a completely stopped up drain running again.