What is our best deodorizer to eliminate smoke odors?

We have a number of deodorizer products in our line that are effective against smoke odors. If the area that you are treating for smoke odors has curtains in it, a great technique is to hold the curtain back and spray the folds with a dry mist type deodorizer or an ultra-fine mist. Some examples of these products would be Dreamy Breeze, Fresh Day and Glacial Breeze. Doing this will allow the maximum penetration to the actual source of the odors rather than treating just the air. For a heavy duty treatment of a space up to 6000 cubic feet, use K.O. Total Release Odor Counteractant, which come in three fragrances: Linen, Mint and Very Berry.

How long does the kill time last on Triple Play?

There is no “length of kill time” given on EPA registered disinfectant labels (like Triple Play) due to the tremendous amount of variables from account to account which can affect how long an area stays disinfected. These include humidity, frequency of cleaning, ventilation, amount of people that may use the area, etc. Usually customers develop a schedule for areas which need recurring cleaning and disinfection that is driven by the appearance, odor, and other factors in that area.

Summary: While EPA labels give you directions for use, they do not include any information on length of kill time due to the variables in different accounts.