Mighty Boy HD Degreasers – HD Emulsifying vs. HD Butyl

When choosing a water based degreaser, Continental offers two excellent choices from our Mighty Boy line: Heavy Duty Emulsifying Degreaser and Heavy Duty Butyl.

Some of the features which distinguish these products are:

  • A water soluble solvent is added in to the HD Butyl formula. This increases its speed in dissolving and removing soils on a variety of surfaces, making it very useful in spray cleaning applications.
  • HD Butyl also has a very substantial alkaline builder system incorporated into it. This acts as a “hammer” to knock oily soils loose quickly and effectively, again contributing to the speed of soil removal. This alkaline system is powerful enough to allow the product to have dual use as a floor finish stripper!
  • HD Butyl incorporates a low foam surfactant system, making for a very free-rinsing product.
  • HD Emulsifying Degreaser uses a different approach, combining a foaming surfactant with a buffered alkaline system. While this approach is generally not as “speedy” as HD Butyl, it does provide excellent oil and grease “eating” capacity. This comes in handy for use in applications that don’t require a great deal of speed, such as manual mopping and spot cleaning of oily surfaces.
  • HD Emulsifying Degreaser also uses an alkaline system that is built with “reserve” alkalinity. This allows it to work past the point of the initial introduction onto the surface being cleaned. Again this approach is not as “speedy” but certainly is very thorough at removing “oil bound” soils from the surface.

If soil conditions require removal of a heavy load of oil/grease by manual processes, try Mighty Boy HD Emulsifying Degreaser

If maximum speed is desired and you are pressure washing or steam cleaning, try Mighty Boy HD Butyl

Remember there is plenty of functional overlap between these two products, so these recommendations should be taken as a general guideline.

What is the best practice to avoid spills and drips when changing out GreaseMeister refills in the Continuous Dispenser?

When you go to replace the product refill, the first thing to do is to switch the Interval Switch (same as power switch) to “RESET/OFF”. This will prevent any spillage from the dispenser trying to trigger the product flow while you are working on it to replace the refill. After the switch is in the “OFF” Position, ease the bottom of the refill package out and forward (towards you) and gently pull it out of the receptor hole in the actuator. Replace with new package by holding the refill at a 45 degree angle and easing the package up and back (away from you) until it is firmly seated in place in the dispenser. Then turn the Interval Switch back over to 7.5 *PREFERRED SETTING* to continue operation automatically.

Since we are dealing with liquids, it is also a good practice to have a rag with you when changing out chemical containers so that drips,etc. can be addressed right when they happen.

When should we sell Mighty Boy HD Emulsifying Degreaser vs. 1st Choice?

Although there are no “hard & fast” rules regarding the selection of Mighty Boy vs. 1st Choice, there are several “cues” that should be taken into consideration as follows:

  • If a pleasant fragrance is part of what a customer might expect, go with 1st Choice
  • If the primary use method will be spray and wipe type cleaning, go with 1st Choice
  • If the cleaning task is less than heavy duty, go with 1st Choice
  • If the task calls for quick cutting into and removal of soils, go with 1st Choice
  • If the soils have significant oil/grease content, go with Mighty Boy
  • If the soil level calls for something heavy duty, go with Mighty Boy
  • If the customer is interested in economy by dilution, go with Mighty Boy
  • If the primary use method will be with a scrubber, go with Mighty Boy

What is the best decal remover that is safe for paint?

Most solvent based product can damage paint IF they are left in contact with it for too long. The trick is to limit the contact time. Using Rid-O-Grease (liquid or aerosol) is a great way to go, because it contains an emulsifier to help it mix with water to rinse off after use. When mixed with water , the solvent power is rapidly curtailed which is very handy as outlined below.

One technique to remove decals would be to use Rid-O-Grease to apply along the upper edge of the decal, while pulling it off as the solvent releases the adhesive holding it down. In the other hand, you would have a rag with plain water on it. Periodically wipe the area that is being contacted by the solvent to dilute and remove it which will slow down any bad effects on the paint. Continue down until decal is removed and then rinse the entire area with water. Some additional application of Rid-O-Grease may be necessary to remove adhesive residues.