When would you recommend Inhibitaur Rust Converter over Inhibitaur Rust De-Bonder?

Inhibitaur Rust De-Bonder is formulated specifically for removal of rust by immersion. When working with parts that are of a size that can be immersed, even if they are heavily corroded, Inhibitaur Rust De-Bonder will do a great job getting to the bare metal and will also give temporary protection against flash rusting before applying Inhibitaur Rust Blocker or other coatings.

If the project cannot be immersed, then Inhibitaur Liquid Rust Converter offers a great way to go by chemically converting the rust to an inert form, stopping the rust in its tracks. Also, Inhibitaur Rust Converter is very handy where there are places that would be difficult to sandblast or otherwise remove the rust.