How does Creeper Lube work?

Creeper Lube combines varying elements of the formula to provide not notch lubrication in the tightest spaces. These elements are: Lubricating grease, carrier solvent, and surfactants. When the Creeper Lube is sprayed onto a surface (like a chain) it comes out of the can thin and penetrating. This happens because it is dispersed into the carrier solvent to make it thin and has surfactants added to reduce the surface tension. As it penetrates into tiny cracks and crevices by capillary action helped along by the surfactants, the carrier solvent is evaporating, making it thicker. It is still penetrating at this point due to the presence of the surfactants in the product. After all the carrier solvent evaporates, the product sets up as a tacky grease that would not have penetrated to where it did without the carrier solvent. This durable film of grease then stays where it is placed and provides excellent lubrication.

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