What are the different applications for the various graffiti removers?

Continental has four graffiti remover products in our line, which are detailed as follows:

  • Untag – A wipes product that is convenient to use and effective on many types of graffiti. Best used on hard non-porous surfaces (steel, plastics, signs, etc)
  • Graffiti Gone – an aerosol with a good amount of solvent to aggressively attack paint and markers used in a lot of graffiti. Very good all-around performer
  • Graffiti Be Gone (Kit) – this two part kit is excellent for use on porous surfaces like concrete, brick, stone which can retain a residual “shadow” of the graffiti on the surface. Part A is a thick clinging product which removes the main part of the graffiti, while Part B is a thinner product designed to remove the residual shadow by pulling it out of the pores of the surface it is used on
  • Graffiti Be Gone Multi-Surface – An effective yet less aggressive product for general graffiti removal on hard non-porous surfaces. Use this where you may have concerns about the potential for surface damage on plastics, signs, outdoor furniture, etc

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